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Connect Wallet

Members will be able to make proposals and vote on ideas and suggestions from the community.


Updated : 5th July 2022


Proposed voting system:


  • Must be a ‘Member’ to make a proposal or place a vote, members are defined as owners of at least one NFT from any of the collections supported by 


  • The number of NFT’s a member owns does not upgrade the status of membership or give additional rights. Members owning one NFT have the same right as those members owning multiple NFTs.


  • Commercial businesses and individuals who operate as social media influencers can make proposals as long as they are a member. For such commercial proposals will negotiate fees and charges.  These kinds of proposals are subject to successful commercial discussions.


  • In order to make it fair for everyone, members are permitted to make one proposal every 120 hours (5 days).


  • Proposals must meet minimum requirements before they are eligible for voting by the These include but are not limited to a descriptive meaningful title, summary and a detailed explanation. Proposals may include images and links to other resources. Well formatted, easy to read text.


  • Proposals are to be made in the English language.


  • Proposals may be rejected by if they do not meet the quality requirements or if the proposal has already been reviewed and rejected. If your proposal is rejected you will get an email from explaining the reason for rejection.


  • Proposals may take upto 72 hours (3 working days) to review by to check their eligibility and quality requirements.


Proposed Voting system:


  • Once a proposal is approved a date will be set for when voting will be live, allowing members to cast their vote.


  • Each proposal will have a set time of 48 hours for the voting. During this time the members can cast their vote. 


  • Each member can place one (1) vote for each proposal.


  • All votes will be counted.


  • Wallet addresses for voters will be saved against their respective vote and shown on the respective proposals page within the website.


  • A minimum number of votes will be required for the proposal to be accepted


  • Vote results will be shown in realtime.


  • At the end of voting the proposal status will be Accepted or Defeated.


  • will take action on the results of the vote.


  • When a proposal is accepted will provide a timeline for proposal delivery. 


  • In some cases we may need to involve the member who made the initial proposal.  If the member is otherwise engaged and unable to commit resources to their proposal, the proposal will be placed on hold until the member is available. 


  • Proposals that are on hold due to initial members being unavailable will remain on hold for thirty (30) days after which they will be marked as ‘Cancelled’.


  • Status of the proposals are as follows:

1 Checking eligibility
A proposal has been made and awaiting checking for quality and eligibility.

2 Denied
Failed the quality and eligibility approval from

3 Proposed
Date will be set to open voting

4 Active
Voting is live

5 Accepted will action the proposal

6 Defeated
Did not get sufficient votes

7 Completed
Proposal has been successfully completed.

8 Cancelled
Member who made the proposal was unavailable.

9 Hold
Member who made the proposal is currently unavailable.

10 Commercials Failed
The proposal was made by a commercial member, and the member in question were unable to negotiate the fees.


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